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Mapinga Primary School is a state school, which we as NUKIA support mainly with food. In the blue container, Mama Eshi cooks porridge every day for the children in kindergarten, first and fourth grade. Often the children came to school hungry and tired. With this simple cup of porridge, they are strengthened and better able to participate in class.


Since it is a state school, we have little influence on the lessons, teachers or infrastructure etc. Besides the container, we have renovated a room that we can use for lectures and during the rainy season for catering. And due to a special donation for water projects, we have rebuilt the sanitary facilities at the toilets in the school, so that a better hygiene can be guaranteed. Apart from that, there are smaller donations for school uniforms and school materials for children where the families cannot afford it and therefore they would not be able to go to school. For the school uniforms we have a local tailor as a partner.

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Unlike in European schools, guided sports, music, visual arts or subjects such as handicrafts unfortunately still have no place in the curriculum of Tanzanian public schools. Due to a lack of books or opportunities to copy worksheets, children spend a lot of time, especially in public schools, copying the content from the blackboard and repeating it orally. Thus, creative subjects have no place and these skills are hardly promoted.

In order to fill this gap, Maisha Bora 2021 founded a Saturday Club: a supervised entertaining offer every Saturday and during the vacations on 3 days, free of charge especially for children from Mapinga School or the neighborhood, who are otherwise unattended at home and come from very poor backgrounds. Also families, who cannot afford other association activities. Approximately 80 children thus spend a valuable time playing soccer, handball, dance, music, laughter and games. This takes place in the Maisha Bora House or at the Mapinga School. With this great project we offer care, sporting support and social unity beyond families and can thus also promote the holistic development of the children.

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We have received various sporting goods donated and the balls, nets and jerseys are specific donations that were requested to be used for these purposes. Masia has the main responsibility for the partnership with Mapinga School from 2023 and also takes over the management of the Saturday Club. Thus, all clarifications and transactions will go through Maisha Bora


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