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Nukia Board

For 25 years I have shared my life with my wife Marianne. We love professional challenges, travelling and experiencing different cultures, nature, spoiling our guests with culinary delights, spending time together with family and friends, and, of course, with the children we support through an NGO in East Africa. In 2020 we decided to set up a small organization ourselves, to address the urgent needs of vulnerable children and families in Africa....
Vice President
In the summer of 2009, I did an internship in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was an unforgettable experience. I got to know and appreciate the country’s nature, people and a completely different culture. While being there, friends and I volunteered at a school, and when we were finished, we knew that we wanted to continue helping children in Tanzania in the future. Since that time, I have worked on projects to support children in the country. I am e...
Board Member
We have the great fortune to be at home in a country where we lack nothing. And I think this is generally appreciated far too little. Again and again I am disturbed by a certain dissatisfaction. Sometimes I also catch myself in how I deal with problems that are actually "none". During the few trips I was allowed to make in Africa, I was always impressed by the joy of life they have. It filled me with great gratitude and a deep satisfaction that I...
Board Member
Nimefurahi sana kukuona - I am very happy to see you! A sentence in Swahili that I learned quickly and have not forgotten to this day. In 2013, during a six-month volunteer assignment, I got to know and love the Tanzanian culture, their language and their warmth and openness. Teaching English to the children at school as well as to the adults, spending leisure time with the children in the orphanage and learning new things from them, filled me wi...

Nukia Members

In addition to the board, we can count on the great help of some members. We are infinitely grateful for all the work that our hard-working fairies do for us in the background and thus make the whole thing possible at all. Like the board of directors, they also do their work for NUKIA voluntarily and free of charge.

NUKIA Member
Marianne is in active exchange with Mama Leah and always knows what is going on in Tanzania. She already has a lot of experience and together with her husband Kurt she visits our projects 2-3 times a year. She also discusses the current projects and applications of Mama Leah and takes care of the daily business.
NUKIA Member
Linda assists with the bookkeeping and ensures that the cash flows are transparent and traceable. She supports Mama Leah and her husband Chris Maeder with the accounting. Through accurate budgets and accounting, we ensure that the donations are also used appropriately.
NUKIA Member
Loreta is a marketing consultant and helps us with website design / web development and other promotional materials. She makes sure that you get the necessary information here and that it is nicely presented.


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