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An improvement in the living conditions of children, mothers and families in Africa, promotes international solidarity, charity, tolerance and international understanding. The NGO (non-governmental organization) NUKIA fulfills this purpose by supporting local projects with the aim of sustainably strengthening the self-help and resilience of disadvantaged people, promoting social justice and educating about the causes of poverty and hardship.

Sustainability in what we do is important to us. That is why we enter into a partnership with locals. So far away from the happenings, having grown up in a different world, often we as Swiss, don't know what is best for the local needs. It is up to the local leader to decide. We support local organizations (governmental and non-governmental) with financial resources and with coaching in areas such as budgeting, accounting, getting permissions, etc. We are not there to command how things should be run locally, but to grow with our partners and support where it is needed.

This connection requires deep trust and good care. Thus, the baobab tree is our role model: large, strong, deeply anchored roots, providing shade, nourishing, a haven of peace and a symbol of Africa. As an organization, we also want to grow slowly, to grow deep and strong roots, to stand up for nutrition and security, sustainability and help for self-help. We see our task in working with the people on the ground. Thanks to many years of experience in other NGOs, we have now planted a new "baobab tree" with NUKIA and are looking forward to marveling at the fruits together with our partners.

Independence and Charitable intent of NUKIA

The NGO NUKIA is politically, religiously and socially independent. NUKIA can cooperate with other humanitarian and charitable organizations with similar objectives, as long as this serves the realization of the purpose of NUKIA. In all other respects, independence must be guaranteed without exception in the realization of the organization’s purpose.

The NGO NUKIA has exclusively non-profit objectives and does not provide any financial benefits, in particular to the Board of Directors. The board works free of charge for the interests of the organization. Any net profit from the organization's activities of any kind is, in addition to the development of the necessary association structures, to be used exclusively and entirely for the realization of the organization’s purpose and thus earmarked. Therefore, all donations will be used for the projects in Africa.
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This is what we are commited to

For a sustainable and holistic development of children, the following cornerstones are essential, and we are committed to them:


In order for children to live as independent, employed individuals later in life, it is important that they grow up healthy and well nourished - without deficits that limit them as children or as adults.


In order to develop oneself and one's talents, one needs a safe environment. A home where you don't have to be afraid, a school where you are safe.


Sustainable support only works if the support is temporary - we are dedicated to helping children become independent adult members of the population through education.


We encourage a social environment, with time to interact with each other and do activities such as singing, dancing, music, reading, and sports. We also show kids, employees and partners our deep appreciation.

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Empowering children in Africa with your support! By donating today, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged kids. Your contribution goes directly towards providing education, healthcare, and nutrition to those in need. Join us in creating a brighter future for these children. Click the "I want to donate" button and be a part of positive change.

NUKIA Non Profit Organisation Riedpark 19 6300 Zug Switzerland Kurt Widmer +41 79 303 64 93 [email protected]
Account holder: NUKIA Clearing number: 81291 BIC/SWIFT: RAIFCH22C91 IBAN: CH0980808001607294501
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