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In 2020, Mama Leah founded Maisha Bora, a local NGO. Maisha Bora means "good life" in English. She rented a house in Mapinga (about 40km from Dar es Salaam) to provide a safe and loving home for 8 children. Thanks to Maisha Bora and NUKIA, all the children from the children's home can attend a good school and enjoy a good education in addition to a family home, healthy food and security. The children are either orphans or come from very difficult family backgrounds where the social services have asked for a place in the children’s home. Maisha Bora is a family for the children but also for the staff.


After the official school time it is also important to us to accompany the young people with the first steps into the professional world. Tuwapende Watoto, also an NGO, offers various apprenticeship opportunities and thus we already have some young adults, who are now doing an apprenticeship there. Since adults (18+ years) are legally not allowed to live in a children's home anymore, Mama Leah has created space at her home, in Boko, and built 2 additional rooms that the young people still have a home. We call it the “Boko House” - a kind of shared house for our youngsters.

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We as NUKIA have great confidence in the team, many of the board know the employees personally and are convinced of their expertise. Therefore, as an NGO, we mainly support financially and organizationally. We help Mama Leah with office work such as budgeting and billing. Mama Leah reports weekly on what has happened, and we discuss as partners what is going on. This way we as an organization can also keep our promise to our donors: because we know that all the money really gets there and is used properly.


The Maisha Bora team is a well-trained team who have been working together for many years.

At the top are Mama Leah, founder and director of Maisha Bora, and her husband Peter. Peter runs a small farm in northern Tanzania and grows his own maize or rice for Maisha Bora. The three seated gentlemen just below are Packston and Godlove, who provide security, and Abdallah, the social worker whotook care of the concerns of the Maisha Bora children and visited the children at Mapinga School with Winrose. With a heavy heart we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Abdallah. He passed away in the spring of 2023. He will always remain a part of us.

Then at the bottom left sits Furaha, the intern who mainly does a lot of cooking at the children's home and school and assists with daily chores. Next to her sits Winrose. She is a trained nurse and takes care of the health of the children (more about this at the health project). A little behind her sits Mama Eshi. She cooks the porridge in the Mapinga School every morning and partly helps out in the Maisha Bora. Further to the right sit Mama Paulina and Mama Lucy. Like Mama Leah, they are specialized caregivers and take care of the children and the daily chores at the children's home. And Masia is the man for everything - looks after the maintenance, is often the driver and a good male reference person for the children at Maisha Bora. He also takes care of the coordination with the Mapinga school and the Saturday club.

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