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Although there is already good health insurance in Tanzania, it is unfortunately still rare that children actually have one. There are several reasons for this: many people simply do not know about it, or they cannot afford it, or they lack the necessary papers such as the birth certificate. Winrose gives several presentations on the importance of health insurance, educates the parents of the students, and helps them obtain the papers where they are still missing. NUKIA finances the majority of the insurance, with the small remainder still being co-funded by the parents.


If the children are absent from school due to illness, Winrose goes on home visits and, if necessary, takes the children to the doctor. The cost of medications or minor procedures that are not covered by insurance is covered by NUKIA after verification. Education about various health topics is a big part of prevention. Winrose gives various presentations at school and in the neighborhood.

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Furthermore, we have a small family project: we financially support some families with costs for medication and food for children with serious diseases, often hereditary. The children can still live at home, but mostly only with one part of the parents and under difficult living conditions. The financial support is intended to help the family get back on its feet. Winrose and Mama Leah are in close contact and visit the families regularly to accompany them closely and to regularly reassess the need for support.


We have another partnership in the health sector with the organization Hope&Wonder. It is one of the few children's homes for children with multiple disabilities in Tanzania. Children with a disability are often disowned by the family, hidden or treated wrongly due to lack of knowledge. The belief that it is a sign of a curse from the family is still unfortunately very common. Many children's homes for children with disabilities are overburdened and cannot provide nurturing care. Hope&Wonder has opened a home where children are developed, and progress is visible despite their disabilities. For example, some children who have only lain down all their lives are now able to sit independently. Their bones are strengthened by daily standing training and the children are kept busy playing.

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NUKIA has been covering the cost of health insurance and medication for the children in the Hope&Wonder outreach program since 2023. These are children with disabilities who live with their families and are supported by Hope&Wonder.

The collaboration is also through Maisha Bora with Mama Leah and Winrose. In 2022, all Maisha Bora children and staff went on a field trip to Hope&Wonder to learn about the organization. It was heartwarming to see how the Maisha Bora children handled, fed and played with the disabled children. It shows that education about the disabilities and how to deal with them could abolish many prejudices and thus relationships could develop.


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