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Visiting Eric and Essau in Qurus

Qurus is located about 22 km from Karatu, which is a district in the Tanzanian region of Arusha. It is about 800km from Dar es Salaam. In December, we, Kurt and Marianne, went on a private safari in the Serengeti and used a day to visit two boys that we have been supporting through our NUKIA family program for a year. Now you are probably wondering how it came about that we have two children so far away from us in the program: we owe this to our long-time friend Mustapha, who made this contact possible for us.

Since we were already in this region, we wanted to make the most of this opportunity and so we set off with our guide Ngorongo at the beginning of December. Together with Mama Leah, Mustapha organized everything in advance, including the organization and transport of school supplies for 500 children in Qurus. After driving about 30 minutes into the heart of the country, we were greeted by the school and Mustapha. The welcome was cheerful and warm, as if we were old friends.

Together with the team of teachers, we were able to hand over the school materials to each child. That was a real joy on both sides. In our two suitcases, we also had clothes for the two children Eric and Essau as well as two soccer balls, lots of colored pencils and, of course, soccer clothes, which were donated to us.

All of this was exhausting, so the children were given something to eat first - a cup of porridge, of course.

The children all thanked us and wanted to show us their football skills, in their new outfits of course. Yes, it was quite a crowd on the football pitch and each group was cheered on by their teammates. Even Kurt and I couldn't stop being amazed. Mustapha and our guide Ngorongo spontaneously decided to coach one group each. We all had great fun and when I looked into the eyes of the children, I saw beaming faces who were simply enjoying the moment.

The real reason for our visit was Eric and Essau. They proudly showed us their home and when the parents and children saw that they had been given clothes, shoes, sun hats and sunglasses, everything had to be tried on. Together with the parents and grandmother, we had a cool drink and chatted a bit. Fortunately, Ngorongo and Mustapha always translated.

After school, we sat down with the teachers and invited them to lunch. This was a very valuable time in which we were able to learn a lot more about the living conditions of the children, the families and of the teachers. What really touched Kurt and me was the positive attitude and the gratitude for what people have or don't have. Simply being satisfied with what is available to them. We thanked the whole team of teachers, Mustapha and Ngorongo for this valuable day, which touched us deeply.

We were able to come home with so many wonderful and valuable impressions and I have so many ideas bubbling in my head that I now have to sort them out a bit and would like to discuss them with Mama Leah and the NUKIA team.

„Many small people doing many small things in many small places can change the face of the world.“
- African Proverb


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