Worlds AIDS day

World AIDS Day December 1st, 2021

Maisha Bora information day at Mapinga School On December 1st, Winrose and Abdalla gave a lecture at the Mapinga School.

More than 50 teenagers over the age of 14, mostly girls, listened carefully to what Winrose had to tell them.

On the subject of what HIV is, how it is transmitted, how to protect yourself, what symptoms to watch out for and how to surround yourself with the disease.

How to behave towards people who have HIV, either it is in the family, at school or in general.

Also when a girl grows up into a young woman, how a girl should act as best as possible with her hygiene and body during this time.

Our nurse Winrose also addressed the issue of sexuality very carefully and with great care.

In an open discussion, the teenagers were given the opportunity to ask Winrose questions, to address problems or ambiguities.

That afternoon there was also time and space for a confidential conversation. So that Winrose or Abdalla could devote themselves to every single girl / boy and they also know where you can look for a confidential conversation in the future if necessary.

We hope that the children were able to take a lot with them and that Winrose or Abdala could gain trust.

„We have to learn to meet people who are different from us, without fear, without distrust and without prejudice. Children learn that more easily than adults.

Hermann Gmeiner