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Visiting my Godchild

It has always been my heart's desire to meet my sponsored child in person. In October, I had the opportunity to join Marianne and Jasmin from the NUKIA team on their travel plans. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for accompanying me.

I would like to give you some insights into my time in Tanzania at Maisha Bora (children's home). It was an intense, happy, but also emotional experience. This trip to Dar es Salaam not only marked my first encounter with Tanzania as a tourist, but also as the godmother of a child born there.

I was particularly impressed by the opportunity to finally meet our godchild Lailat in person. Until now, my husband and I had only known Lailat through video messages that we exchanged with Mamma Leah. The first meeting with Lailat was extremely emotional and heart-warming. A hug was enough, and we understood each other without many words.

I got to know the children at Maisha Bora as lively, helpful and curious children. It was always great fun to play, dance, do handicrafts and chat with them.

Thanks to NUKIA and generous donors, these children can enjoy a better and more secure life with the Maisha Bora team.

Marianne, Jasmin, Claudia

During my stay, I was able to see how much time Marianne and Jasmin spent talking to children and employees. It was mainly about which teenagers would continue their education and which would choose to go to vocational school. This is not an easy school model in Tanzania. NUKIA's aim is for the children to be able to stand on their own two feet in adulthood, regardless of their chosen path. The visit to the Tuwapende Watoto vocational school was therefore very interesting and informative.

Electircal installer, hairdresser/cosmetics, Mechanics

I particularly remember Lailat's and my birthday party. We cut our birthday cake together and gave each child and Mamma bite-sized pieces. After we had finished, the big surprise followed, which made everyone laugh: a large bucket of water was poured over Lailat and me. This fun and wet tradition was a welcome way to cool off in the hot Tanzanian temperatures.

The baptism of six-month-old Alicia, Mamma Leah's youngest child, also took place during our stay. It was a beautiful and festive occasion that you won't soon forget.

The visit to the home for the disabled children Hope&Wonder was a moving and thought-provoking moment. NUKIA has a partnership with the founder Angela, who provides a loving home for these special children. Unfortunately, disability is a taboo topic in Tanzania due to traditional beliefs. Maisha Bora regularly visits Hope&Wonder to teach the "healthy" children how to better deal with disabilities and overcome their fear of contact. This time the children had sewn great "bibs" and gave them away to the children in Hope&Wonder. The joy was immense.

NUKIA, especially Mamma Leah, is also very committed to the local Mapinga elementary school. With the support of the organization, better conditions are created so that the local children are better cared for and feel more comfortable. The cooperation with the teaching staff works wonderfully. The commitment of Mamma Leah, Marianne and Kurt was met with much applause, an emotional thank you from two students and many tears of joy.

And now I too must say goodbye, with many tears of joy in my heart.

Sincerely Claudia, October 2023


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